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Report: People power driving Telangana agitation

Report: People power driving Telangana agitation : Telangana demand for separate state seems to have slipped from the hands of political parties and their leaders. It has become a genuine popular movement, if the 17 days Sakala Janula Samme “(movement of people from all walks) is an indication. As its name implies, in almost every part of society joined the movement, which by and large have been peaceful so far. This is evident from a lightning strike by newspaper vendors in both cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad Thursday for the cause of Telangana. As a result, no newspaper can attract readers in any part of the state capital. Even those who ran the newsstand to buy a newspaper were disappointed by the sales staff, has also joined the strike for Telangana. Hundreds of newspaper hawkers took out a … Continue reading

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Amanda Knox Latest News

Amanda Knox Latest News : After nine months of phone calls and five years in the making, if Amanda Knox could finally priblizhaetsya.Verdikt treatment can be achieved as early as Friday, but it seems more likely to go through the weekend. Knox and everyone wants to do to feel the grass on her toes and sun on your face. It is “optimistic” despite all this makes him either delusional or totally inspiring – you’re calling. Personally, I’m going with him. How many times has she to fail until it is in his head, he stays where he is in a very long time? Rudy Guede, Ivory Coast drifter who was convicted (with Raffaele Sollecito Knox and ex-boyfriend) Murder Meredith Kercher, Knox said, was there the night… Continue reading

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Michael Jackson Photos and Video

Michael Jackson Photos and Video : The children of Michael Jackson cried when they saw Dr. Conrad Murray attempt to revive the lifeless body of the King of Pop in the rented room of the house manager of Michael Jackson testified today’s security team in Jackson Murray’s murder trial. Mohammed Fahim, the jury described the sequence of events that day, Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose, June 25, 2009. Muhammad said that when he returned to Michael Jackson, he found in the moist room flat in Jackson Murray Jackson, who was lying on the floor. “It seemed like the management of PPC. He was very nervous, “said Muhammad. Jackson ‘eyes were open and his mouth was slightly open, “Muhammad said, adding that he was dead. A guard and a driver said Jackson seemed dead. Mohammed Said, 911 were called and said they were on … Continue reading

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Book describes troubled Walter Payton NFL & AFL Football Statistics

Book describes troubled Walter Payton NFL & AFL Football Statistics :  They called it the sweetness, but the Chicago Bears great Walter Payton had a dark side, according to a biography to be published Oct. 4. From “Sweetness: Walter Payton’s enigmatic life,” Jeff Pearlman will appear in the Oct. 3 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, and describes the Hall of Fame, such as suicide, abuse of analgesics and anti-collapse of family status . Payton, who retired, then all-time leader rusher in NFL history after 1987 season, was depressed and suicidal in the mid-1990s. Perlman cites a letter to a friend, in which Payton said he imagines killing those around him and then turn the weapon against him. “Walter called me all the time saying he would commit suicide, he was tired,” said long-time agent Bud Payton Holmes, according to SI.com. “He was angry. Nobody liked him. He wanted to be dead.” Executive Assistant to Payton in Ginny … Continue reading

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