See What happens in Hospital in the name of Treatment

When the state abdicates its primary responsibility, it invariably throws its citizens at the mercy of brute non-state operators. This is true for both the political security sector as well as the private health sector.

When the Frontier Constabulary and the Levies fail to provide security and justice, the Lashkar-e-Islam and the TTP step in. Similarly, the failure of the public health sector creates the space for private hospitals, which come across as money-minting machines. Often, patients with modest financial means — once admitted, end up indebted because of the huge bills accruing from consultants’ fees, multiple tests and lodging.

And once a patient walks in, the staff at these commercial health facilities pounces on them like starving vultures, making sure to fleece as much as possible. Every new patient means another money-minting object for doctors, paramedics and the administration.

See What happens in Hospital in the name of Treatment
See What happens in Hospital in the name of… by noman-asghar12

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